The Monopoly Philosophy

How I Used Board Game Strategies to Find Financial Freedom In Investment Real Estate

Authored by Jeff Wallace

Discover how a beloved board game charts the path to financial freedom through real estate investing. The Monopoly Philosophy will teach you how to implement successful board game strategies in real life to achieve success as a real estate investor. Author, Jeff Wallace, shows you in a detailed step-by-step analysis, exactly how he was able to use real estate to transition from living paycheck to paycheck to achieving financial independence and quitting his 9-5 job by the age of 41.
With the right game plan, the average working American can get started investing in real estate with $5,000-$6,000. Real estate is the most accessible type of investment opportunity available to build long-term wealth, and no other type of traditional investment will put you in a position to retire within the next five years.

Anyone can do it and most can get started within a few months. Are you ready to change your life?